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Uniform Policy


 Uniform Policy Grades K - 8


  • Earrings shall be no larger than the size of a quarter

  • Pocket books or purses are not permitted in the classroom

  • No outerwear should be worn in the classroom (coats, gloves, hats)

  • No headwear (hats, wave caps, bandanas)

  • No visible undergarments


General uniform requirements for males and females:


Bottoms -

  • Acceptable: Pants, Docker/Dickie/Capri style, dress pants, shorts, skirts (no mini or slits), jumpers

    • Pants can have an elastic waistband, and all pants must be worn securely at the waist

  • Colors: khaki or navy blue

  • Shorts or skorts are permitted until November 15th and may be worn again beginning on March 15th; they must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

    • Leggings or tights can be worn under skirts only and must be solid (white, light blue, navy,  black)

Not Acceptable

  • Logos and graphic prints

  • Denim or denim resembling materials, including jegging and joggers, spandex materials, baggy, cargo, painter type pants or yoga pants


Tops -

  • Acceptable: Collared Polo shirt with or solid button down shirts of school colors

    • Acceptable colors are navy blue, royal blue, light blue, or yellow (solid colors only)

  • Solid navy blue or gray sweaters (cardigans, v-necks, crew necks, or vests) or school approved crew sweatshirts (can be purchased through the PTO) may be worn over collared shirts

  • Long sleeve shirts of solid school colors, or white may be worn under polos or T-shirts for gym days

Not Acceptable

  • Logos

  • Chains and necklaces must be tucked in shirt

  • No hoodies


Foot Apparel - Dress, casual, or athletic shoes

  • Must have back to stay on foot (no slippers/slip-ons, crocs, etc))

  • Must be tied or velcroed

  • Boots are permitted from November 15th until March 15th, unless extenuating weather circumstances.

  • Socks should be white, navy, black, or gray.

  • No Heelys, skates, or footwear that can cause a safety concern.


Physical Education Uniform -

  • Students in grades K-8 may wear the school approved gym uniform on gym days (can be purchased through the PTO for consistency, all returns go back to the school)

  • The uniform consists of:

    • Colors are gray, and blue (not black)

    • Can be school logo t-shirt or non logo shirt (can be purchased through the PTO)

    • Heather grey, royal blue(can be purchased through the PTO)

    • T-shirt or crew sweatshirt

    • Mesh shorts/ sweatpants

    • Footwear - sneakers only

    • The uniforms will be available for purchase through the PTO. Order forms will be posted via dojo at different times throughout the year. Students who do not purchase the school approved gym uniform are expected to come to school in their regular uniform.  


Disciplinary actions for non-compliance -

Non adherence to the dress code can result in the following progressive discipline:

1st offense Warning

2nd offense A call home for uniform change and warning

3rd offense 1 administrative detention

4th offense 2 administration detentions

5th offense +   Administrative decision

In certain cases the school may provide a uniform to students inappropriately dressed. 


Dress Down Days - 

Dress down days will be the first Friday of every month. Donations of $1 go toward charitable causes and school needs.

On dress down days, please keep in mind that attire should be tasteful, appropriate, and conducive for a learning environment.  The following is not permitted:

  • No spaghetti straps, sleeveless, or tank tops

  • No visible undergarments

  • No inappropriate logos or insignia

  • No tears/holes in any clothing

  • No headwear

  • No backless shoes

  • No leggings unless worn under appropriate bottoms

  • No  Jackets, we ask people to remove hoodies if used inappropriately. (hood up, phone in pocets, etc)


Opt-Out Policy -

  • Families who have religious reasons to not participate in the school uniform policy may “opt-out.”  To do this, parents must meet with the school principal to discuss the reasons and sign an opt-out agreement.

  • Students who use the opt-out procedure may wear clothes other than the school uniform; this attire will be determined on an individual basis in consultation with the school administration

  • Please contact the principal’s office to schedule an appointment for this summer if you wish to participate in the opt-out plan.


*The Magnolia School Uniform Policy was made with the input of representatives of all stakeholders within the school and community. Research has proven that school uniforms provide for an atmosphere of learning with less distraction, an enhancement of pride and sense of community, and less peer pressure and bullying based on appearances. We appreciate your effort in conforming to this policy.


These websites have great deals on uniforms throughout the year:

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