• Student of the Month


    Each month this year, we are going to look for a different character trait that is especially strong in our students.

    We hope this will help foster some of the behaviors we would like to see. Announcing what the theme is for the month, using it in your classrooms as recognition, or even accruing points to somehow receive the award are all ideas for consideration. I would also love to see us all catch students, community members, and staff in the act of exhibiting the behaviors. Each month the trait will be update below. 


    September Student of the month theme: Mentorship!

    A mentor is someone who helps others, who makes new people feel welcome and takes them under their wing.  It is an older student who helps a younger student find their way. It is a positive role model and someone to look up to. We all need mentors to help us adjust and to be successful. 


    I look forward to recognizing all the positive attributes our children display at Magnolia Public School.

    Thank you.

    Paul Sorrentino