• Student of the Month


    We are revamping Student of the Month. One of the first changes we are implementing is considering why or how students will get Student of the Month. Each month for the remainder of this year, we are going to look for a different character trait that is especially strong in our students.

    We hope this will help foster some of the behaviors we would like to see. Announcing what the theme is for the month, using it in your classrooms as recognition, or even accruing points to somehow receive the award are all ideas for consideration. I would also love to see us all catch students, community members, and staff in the act of exhibiting the behaviors.


    May Student of the month theme: Responsibility

    The warm weather and sunny days are upon us. School in approaching its final days. Sports, barbecues, vacations...it is a great time of the year. It can also be a time of year that poses a challenge for students to juggle school responsibilities and the prior listed activities. May is all about the RESPONSIBILITY of finishing strong. Completing homework, doing your best, and finishing the remaining requirements for class are very important to prepare for next year. Even 180 days isn't enough to teach everything a young mind must learn, so it is the schools responsibility to use those days to the maximum effect. Lets all be responsible and finish strong!


    I look forward to recognizing all the positive attributes our children display at Magnolia Public School.

    Thank you.

    Paul Sorrentino



    January - Service to others (In MLK's honor)

    February - Empathy/Kindness (showing kindness to classmates, staff, community)

    March - Intellectual Curiosity (Asking questions in class, seeking knowledge)

    April - Creativity (creative approach to problem solving, using different ways to present mastery)

    May - Responsibility (completing HW, remembering tasks, organized)