Renaissance News


    2019-2020 Activities

    9/13/19- Renaissance Kickoff Event (All Current Blue and Gold card holders)

    10/11/19- "The Addams Family" walking trip to the movies (All current Blue and Gold)

    10/18/19- Fall Festival (2nd/3rd Grade Blue and Gold)

    11/6/19- Bowling/Arcade Trip (4th-8th Grade students who have made Gold Renaissance for both the current and previous marking period)

    11/27/19- "Frozen 2" walking trip to the movies (All current Blue and Gold)

    12/19/20- 2nd-5th Holiday Movies ("The Grinch" and "Olaf's Frozen Adventure") and cookies event (All current Blue and Gold)

    12/20/19- Ice Skating at Skatezone (All current 4-8th Grade Gold students who have been on Gold for both the current and previous marking period)

    12/20/19 (Second half of the day)- 6th-8th Holiday Movie ("Elf") and cookies event (All current Blue and Gold)

    1/17/20- 6-8th Grade Dodgeball Tournament with the Teachers event (All current Blue and Gold)

    1/24/20- 2/3 Free Gym/Dance Party (All current Blue and Gold)

    1/25/20- 4/5 Dodgeball Tournament (students only)

     2/13/20- "Sonic the Hedgehog" walking trip to the movies (All current Blue and Gold)

    2/25/20- "The Physics of Sliding" Snow Tubing trip to Blue Mountain (All current 4-8th Grade Gold students who have been on Gold for current and previous two marking periods.) 

    2018-2019 Activities

    9/1 Renaissance Kick Off

    9/28 Hoagie/Pretzel Sale

    10/5 Eagles Tailgate Tour (Gold last 2 marking periods 4-8)

    10/26 Goosebumps Movie Trip (blue/gold 4-8)

    11/21 Wreck-It-Ralph Movie Trip (blue/gold 4-8)

    12/20 AM- Ice Skating (Blue/Gold last 2 marking periods 4-8)

              PM- In-House Movie (3-8)

    1/18 Bowling/Arcade (Gold last 2 marking periods 4-8)

    2/22 Lego Movie (Blue/Gold 4-8)

    3/8   Medieval Times (Gold last 3 marking periods and Leadership 4-8)

    4/18 Tie Dye Shirts Event (TBA)

    6/5  Dorney park (Blue and Gold last 4 marking periods 4-8)

    5/31 BBQ (Blue/Gold 3-8)

    TBA Applebee’s/Movie (Blue/Gold last 3 marking periods 3-4)

    6/13 Event TBA (Gold last 3 marking periods 5-8)

    2017-2018 Activities
    - Movie trips
    - Dorney 
     2016-2017 Activities
    - Moana 11/23
    - Storks 10/7
    - Eggnog, cookie, and holiday movie 12/21
    - Interdistrict Dance 1/27
    - Lego Batman 3/1
    - Bowling Trip 2/17
    - Beauty and the Beast 3/22
    - Hershey 6/
     2015-2016 Activities
    - Jungle Book 5/3
    Dress down on 2/19
    - Breakfast 2/26 
    - Walking movie trip to see "The Good Dinosaur" 
    New Years Neon Dance 
    - Free dress down for card holders
    - Dress down day for card holders 10/16 (Friday) 
    - Snack at lunch on 10/30 
    - Movie trip is Oct. 6th in the morning (Hotel Transylvania 2).  

    - Coin Drive
    - Spirit Week
    - Kickoff with Twisted Kickball 
    - Rock Painting 4-28 
    - Medieval times 3/4 
    - Hot chocolate, cookie and holiday movie
     2014-2015 Activities
    - January 23rd - Rockin' Renaissance Breakfast  
    - January 16th - New Years Neon Dance 
    - Cookies, hot chocolate and a movie for gold card holders.  
    Big Hero 6 walking trip
    - Applebee's Fundraiser 11/1
    - Renaissance kick-off Carnival (September)
    - Movie Trip (Oct. - Alex's bad day)
    - Bowling trip February 23rd 
    - Dress down and ice cream 
    - Free Period - rock painting
    - Cafeteria Snack
    - Movie Trip to Tomorrowland - June 3rd
    - Hershey Park Trip: May - 29 
    **Please remember:  Renaissance activities can happen at random.  Students should have their cards on them at all times and will not be sent to the office to call their parents if they do not have it.  Part of the program is to build responsibility in our students.  If a student loses a card a replacement costs $5 (see Mr. Cogan or Mr. Camerieri).  All money goes toward future Renaissance trips, events, etc.  

    *Look for more upcoming announcements and remember, "Renaissance Rocks!"*