• Superintendent

    Dr. Warren L. Pross



    It is difficult to believe that our summer vacation is over, and school has started on September 8, 2016.

    It is even more difficult to comprehend the major transformation that our building has undergone since we closed out the 2015/2016 school year in June.

    There have been many changes, upgrades and in some cases reconfigurations to our school including, but not limited to:

    ·         New heating and air-conditioning throughout most of the school

    ·         New heating and air-conditioning in both the gymnasium and the cafeteria

    ·         New windows, ceilings, doors, lighting and tiling throughout most of the building

    ·         Fresh paint

    ·         New furniture in selected areas

    All of these changes, upgrades, and reconfigurations are a direct result of our community supporting the passing of the recent bond referendum.

    Allow me to thank all who made this possible.


    Welcome to the following new staff members

    1.         Mr. Len DeFrank – Instrumental Music Teacher

    2.         Mrs. Maria Fowler – Social Worker

    3.         Mrs. Susan Hoffman – School Nurse

    4.         Mrs. Jessica Moore – Teacher’s Aide

    5.         Mrs. Tara Mortimer – Lunchroom Aide

    6.         Ms. Lilian Okan – Teacher’s Assistant

    As we move into the school year, please remember to call if you have questions or concerns. I can be reached at 783-4763 ext. 825.