Dr. Warren L. Pross



    It is difficult to believe that our summer vacation is almost over, and staff will return to school on September 5th followed by students returning on September 6, 2017

    This summer, the second phase of our construction project has been completed including:

    · New heating and air-conditioning in the gym, music, and pre-k classrooms

    · New lighting in areas of the 96’ wing

    · Gutting and renovation to many single stall bathrooms

    · Gutting and renovation of two student bathrooms

    These changes, upgrades, and reconfigurations are a direct result of the community supporting the passing of last year’s bond referendum. Thank you to all who made this possible.


    Welcome to the following new staff members

    1. Bernadette Chappell, teaching assistant

    2. Ashley Fusaro, teaching assistant

    3. Emily Green Hamilton, speech teacher

    4. Jessica Leister, substitute for Dana Stahl

    5. Michelle Nussbaum, social worker

    6. Elizabeth Parnagian, Director of Child Study Team

    7. Elisa Zaccone, 2nd grade teacher

    As we move into the school year, please remember to call if you have questions or concerns. I can be reached at 783-4763 ext. 825.


    September 2017 Dear Parents/Guardians:

    As we begin the 2017/2018 school year, the following safety protocols will continue to be in effect:

    • All parents/guardians/guests, etc., may only enter the building through the main entrance (Lincoln Avenue)

    • Upon entering the building through the main entrance, all parents/guardians/guests, etc., must report to the main office, sign in, and wear a badge. The destination location will be written by the office staff on the badge

    • If a parent/guardian/guest, etc., wishes to go to more than one location, they must return to the office for a new badge

    • All parents, guardians, guests, etc., will be escorted to their place of destination by an assigned staff member

    • All parents, guardians, guests, etc., will, likewise, be escorted back to the office by an assigned staff member • When exiting the building, parents/guardians/guests, etc., must sign out

    • No cars will be permitted to enter the driveway during the regular school hours Exception: Cars with handicap stickers In addition, parents/guardians/guests, etc. should review these additional protocols, which are in place

    • All school doors will be secured from the inside; however, all doors will be set to allow easy egress to the outside • No parent/guardian will be permitted to accompany a student to the gym on indoor admission days. Members of our Student Council and National Junior Honor Society will be available to assist younger students in finding their way to the gym

    • Students will be reminded never to open an exterior door for anyone including parents, teachers, and administrators We appreciate your cooperation in the above matters as our major concern is always the safety and welfare of our children and staff. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact my office at 856-783-4763 ext. 825. Sincerely, Warren L. Pross Superintendent