2018-2019 Renaissance Program 

    Renaissance is a nationwide program that rewards students for academic excellence, good attendance and behavior. The goals of this program are to: increase student grades, increase honor roll, increase attendance, and increase positive behavior.  Students that meet the requirements listed below at the end of the marking period will receive a Renaissance Gold or Blue band/card for the following nine weeks.  The Renaissance Cards have the following requirements and potential benefits:

     Renaissance Card Requirements

     GOLD Band/Card Requirements
    Grades of 90 and above
    – 2 unexcused absences/ 2 lateness’s or less (unless petitioned)
    – No disciplinary office referrals which result in a detention and/or suspension.

    *Student accountability system – student cannot in excess of 3 points

    GOLD Card Benefits
    Front of the lunch line
    – Drawings for prizes – Two Homework Passes (two different classes within a nine week period)
    – Marking period events including but not limited to ice cream parties and breakfast events

    – Special discount coupons and or gift cards when available

    - Other special rewards

     BLUE Card Requirements
    Grades of 83 and above
    – 3 unexcused absences or less/ 3 lateness’s (unless petitioned) *petitions must be submitted before a vacation.  
    – No disciplinary office referrals which result in the assignment of 2 detentions or a suspension.

                 *Student accountability system – student cannot lose in excess of 3 points

     BLUE Card Benefits
    Front of the line pass for lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays
    – Drawings for prizes
    – One Homework Pass (within a nine week period)
    – Admission to breakfast programs, pizza parties and ice cream parties
    – Special discount coupons and gift cards when available

    Attendance Petition PolicyAttendance policy is set by the Magnolia Board of Education and is based upon the statutes and codes required by the New Jersey Department of Education.  Students who do not receive a Renaissance card because of the attendance policy may petition to waive the attendance requirements.  Official documentation must be included with an explanation of the absences to the principal within the first two weeks of the grading period from a parent or guardian.

    *Please note: Staff will have the ultimate decision on who receives Renaissance incentives.  Renaissance can be revoked due to behavior at any time.   Students who are written up and recieve a consequence immediatly forfeit their Renaissance privelages.

    Renaissance Committee and Meetings

                    Any and all teaching members are encouraged and welcome to a renaissance committee meeting.  A permanent committee will consist of 5 members.  The committee will meet on the first and third Wednesday in the Library after school.  These meeting will be mostly to formulate ideas and prep for renaissance activities.  Special meetings of permanent committee members may take place during school hours, whereby which coverage will be provided.

    Student Leadership Committee

                    A total of eight students from 6th, 7th and 8th grade will be selected by the Renaissance committee to participate in the planning and implementation of the program.  Students will need to submit an application (see Mr. Cogan)